Is it inappropriate for a woman to date a much younger man?

Dear Liz,
I’m a 44-year-old divorcee and I’ve been single for a few years. I started using an online dating site just to see what is out there and I met a guy who has a great personality and is physically attractive. We met for coffee and really hit it off. The only problem is that he is 19 – not even old enough to go to a bar. I’m not thinking wedding bells or anything, is this inappropriate?
– May December Romance

Dear May December Romance,

You know, all I could think reading your letter was “OMG, Mrs. Robinson is emailing me!” Sorry…I had to.

I’ll be straight up with you: it’s not illegal but it is taboo. Also? It’s 2017, who cares. As long as you are two consenting adults treating each other with respect then the only real opinion that matters here is yours and his, right?

That said, people will have strong opinions about it because there is nothing more scandalous than when a woman does the same stuff men have been doing since the dawn of time. If everyone is cool with Al Pacino being 77 and his girlfriend being 38 then why should they care if you’re 44 and your beau is 19. I say, more power to you!

Some say this dumb taboo stems from the days when it was common for older men to marry younger women because the older men were better off financially and the younger women were more likely to be fertile enough to birth a brood.

Nowadays, though, this is just a stupid double standard. Go forth and enjoy your younger boyfriend.

Good luck!

~ Liz

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