How do I tell my neighbor to stop smoking pot near my house?

Dear Liz,
Ever since Maine made smoking pot legal, my neighbors light up all the time. The smoke wafts into my house and makes everything stink. I’m sick of it! How do I get them to stop?
– Tired of the Smell

Dear Tired of the Smell,

Are you suuuure it’s not a skunk you’re smelling? Ha! Just kidding.

I kind of get what you’re saying, the smell of cigarettes makes me want to hurl and yet anyone over 18 can purchase and smoke those cancer sticks all the live long day and there is not a damn thing I can do about it. And sometimes, that nasty smell gets into my car when someone parked next to me is smoking. It’s gross and I hate it. But I can’t tell that person to move it along, just like you can’t tell your neighbors to stop.

But you can ask them not to smoke directly under or near your windows.

Consider going over to your neighbor’s house and striking up a friendly conversation with them. Ask them if they wouldn’t mind coming up with some kind of agreement with you about where is ok to smoke pot so that the smell isn’t getting into your house. If they are limited in where they can go and the smoke is still going to waft into your direction then ask them if they would be open to smoking during certain times of day or night when you can agree to close up your windows. Be creative and flexible in the solution and show them that you’re not judging them you just want to find a resolution to the problem of smell.

Good luck!

~ Liz

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