Should I tell my boyfriend I dinged his car?

Dear Liz,
My boyfriend often lets me borrow his car to run quick errands and since this happens at least once a week or more I try to make sure that I fill the tank as my contribution. Well, the other day, I took his car to run errands like usual and when I was done, I pulled into a gas station to top off the tank. When I was done with that I thought I would check the air in the tires so I moved the car to the little air station dock. I guess I wasn’t paying that close attention because I parked a little too close to it and maybe hit it like, a tiny bit, and I dented the front bumper. It’s hardly noticeable.
My question is, should I say something to my boyfriend?
– Dented Bumper

Dear Dented Bumper,

So, hold up. Let me get this straight, you dented your boyfriend’s car and you want to know if you should say something? We’re talking about legit property damage here, yes, you should say something.

If your boyfriend trusts you enough to borrow his car on a frequent basis then he is probably betting that you are honest enough to tell him if something happens like, say, you ding his bumper after hitting an air station.

By fessing up now you’ll be showing that honesty is a part of your character, which is a far more attractive trait than someone who would lie. While topping off the gas and checking the air in the tires is a nice way to say thank you for the use of the car, the bigger demonstration of integrity will be you telling your boyfriend the truth about what happened to his bumper. Also, you may have damaged the value of his car, in which case you really ought to offer to get it fixed.

Good luck!

~ Liz

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