My neighbor is cheating on his wife, should I tell her?

Dear Liz,
I live in a pretty small neighborhood where everyone knows everyone else. I wouldn’t say that we are a nosy bunch here, but you know how small towns are. Anyway, I am pretty sure my neighbor is cheating on his wife. She is a nurse and works the night shifts so she leaves every day at the same time, usually around 5:00 p.m. The last few weeks there has been a woman arriving at the house within an hour of the wife leaving. Her car is gone by morning when the wife gets home. The thing is, I feel so bad for the wife, she is such a nice young woman and she deserves more than a cheating dirtbag husband. Should I tell her what I’ve seen?
– Next Door Neighbor

Dear Next Door Neighbor,

Don’t step in this pile of trouble, whatever you do. This mysterious woman could be anyone and we have no idea if the wife is aware of her presence after dark. Could this unknown woman be a relative? A hired hand? A friend? Could this couple be in an open marriage (that’s a thing these days)?

Or are you just a nosy neighbor spying out your kitchen window and making up wild stories in your head after seeing bits and pieces of events that don’t line up with your narrative of what should be?

Unless this woman is your best friend and you are close enough to ask, “who is the woman at your house every night?” without things getting super duper weird, then it is no one’s business but theirs.

Good luck!

~ Liz

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