How do I tell my mom friends to stop trying to sell me their home based business products?

Dear Liz,
I don’t know how to handle this. Some of my mom friends keep adding me to these Facebook groups where they sell stuff like LuluRoe or Pampered Chef and I am so sick of it! Even if I leave these groups they add me right back or worse, add me to a new and different group. I get more direct messages and invites to Facebook Events where these friends are selling things like makeup or leggings. I love my friends, but enough is enough. How do I tell them to quit adding me to their home based business groups without hurting their feelings?
Not Buying It

Dear Not Buying It,

Oh, wow, that is super annoying. I have a few friends who do this too, but for the most part, I just see myself out and make sure to click “do not add me back” before I go. If I get a direct message then I give a firm but polite pass. If it persists – and it has on occasion – then I get REAL, real fast and simply say, “I love being your friend but I am not your customer. Please remove me from your lists.”

This whole “mompreneur” phenomenon has become extremely obnoxious. I get it, though, for some women the idea of being able to sell their scented candles or buttery leggings can mean having extra money, but at what cost? Not only are they being taken advantage of by a pyramid scheme, but they are then being asked to take advantage of their social media contacts in order to sell their wares.

For a quick look at how intense the battle is between the people who love these MLM experiences – and the rest of us – just look at these stories that have gone ultra-viral online:

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My point is this, most of the time the people selling this stuff are well-meaning friends just trying to make ends meet. But sometimes they are those awkward friends from high school who friend you on Facebook and then immediately toss you into a damn MLM group a few seconds after you accept. It is up to you to decide if the person trying to sell you junk through Facebook groups is someone you want to remain friends with and if so then you must be honest and let them know where your boundaries are for things like sales tactics.

Good luck!

~ Liz