How do I get my husband to clean more?

Dear Liz,
I love my husband, I really do, but for the love of all that is right in the world, he is totally filthy and lazy when it comes to cleaning. For example, whenever he cooks dinner he thinks that I should do the dishes because we should be sharing the workload. But when I cook dinner the dishes are somehow also my responsibility. I am so sick and tired of all the cleaning being somehow my job. My question is, how can I get my husband to clean more?
Sick Of Doing The Dishes

Dear Sick Of Doing The Dishes,

OH, LORD! I can tell you some stories! My husband does that same thing about the dishes, he also does this annoying thing where he leaves his damn laundry on the floor LESS THAN FIVE FEET FROM THE HAMPER!

I sometimes wonder if men (ok, fine, not all men, we gotta be fair here) think that cleaning is this magical thing that just freaking happens when they aren’t looking.

Like in this video that you should watch because it is ridiculously funny and totally accurate:

To help answer your question on how to get your husband to help more around the house, I found some resources for you to consider. Unbelievably, wikihow actually has a 15 step plan to accomplish this feat of marriage.

An author at Thought Catalog says, “I don’t want my husband to do the cleaning, I just hate that it’s expected that I do it.” which is an interesting take. I personally WANT my husband to do the dishes.

How To Clean Stuff has a roadmap for understanding the enemy in this noble pursuit for shared cleaning responsibilities (presumably your husband is the enemy here) and how to change his slobby ways.

What it really comes down to is talking to your spouse and making your feelings clear. Set up some boundaries, for example, tell him that he must do his own laundry, and follow through with not helping him do it. When he runs out of clothes he will get the hint.

This is an age-old problem and I feel for you!

Good luck!

~ Liz

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