Dear Liz gets marriage advice from a divorce lawyer

As you can imagine, we get a lot of questions about marriage and divorce around here. Most of the questions tend to be about how much a divorce costs or what the process looks like, but many more are heartfelt questions of pain and loss from couples who have recently split and wondered what went wrong. I am no therapist and I cannot give anyone advice beyond that of a BFF style “grrl, you should do this…” but even so, this blog does aim to help give some perspective to your questions.

I thought I would reach out to our expert, my pal Amy, who tackles the nuts and bolts of divorce to ask her for her best marriage advice since she has seen the other side of marriage as a divorce lawyer about a billion times.

Here is what Amy had to say:

Divorce is very expensive but not the end of the world. Divorce comes one small step at a time. It rarely comes all at once but develops over months and years.  My advice to avoid divorce? Remember that love is a verb. It is something you do, not only something you feel. Act generously towards your spouse, in big and little ways. Assume your spouse means you no harm. Assume the best of intentions by your spouse until the evidence shows you otherwise. Interpret what he or she is saying/doing in the best light. Share your concerns with him or her. Share your joy with him or her. Share your fears, your successes, your failures with him or her.

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~ Liz